Student Authors Recognized at Annual Reception

AUWCL students and alumni were recognized for sharing their thoughts and ideas through publication during the 10th Annual Student Author Reception, hosted by the Pence Law Library.

Many student honorees discussed their publications and shared about their writing process.

“It’s a true honor to be recognized for the research and writing skills that we hone at Washington College of Law,” said Kaine Hampton, a 3L who has two articles being published this spring.

John Palfrey, author of BiblioTech: Why Libraries Matter More Than Ever in the Age of Google, gave the keynote address. In his remarks, Palfrey discussed the importance of libraries and the ways libraries transform to keep up with the age of technology. 

“No matter what we build digitally people will still go to libraries,” said Palfrey.

Palfrey praised the student authors for the work that they have done to share their scholarship with others.

"This was truly a landmark event for the Pence Law Library--ten years of student scholarship," said Billie Jo Kaufman, associate dean for library and information resources. "To have the honor and privilege to work with such bright, engaged, and talented students makes the work of the library faculty and staff so worthwhile.  We know these efforts will have impact on the academic marketplace of ideas. Mr. Palfrey spoke about the 'stories' that influence your writing--each one of our student authors has their own personal story about their hard work.  To see the effort in print with the ability to influence the conversation is so rewarding."  

Student Authors: 

Andrea Abergel - Environmental Disasters and Human Health Consequences: A Year in Review, Sustainable Development Law and Policy

Pious Ahuja, A Never-Ending Problem: Dilemmas Facing India and the United States in Addressing Gender-Based Violence, Thurgood Marshall School of Law Gender, Race & Justice Law Journal

Alia al-Khatib - Putting a Hold on ICE: Why Law Enforcement Should Refuse to Honor Immigration Detainers, American University Law Review

Alejandra Aramayo - Disparate Treatment of Mexican Unaccompanied Alien Children: The United States' Violation of the Trafficking Protocol, Supplementing the UN Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime, American University International Law Review

Adam Arnold - The Quest for Sustainable Energy: Germany’s Nuclear Scrutiny vs. “All of the Above”, Sustainable Development Law and Policy

Joshua Axelrod - The March of the Ents: Using America's National Forests to Mitigate the Threat of Climate Change, American University Law Review

Gabriela Baca - Visa Denied:  Why Courts Should Review a Consular Officer’s Denial of a U.S. Citizen Family Member’s Visa, American University Law Review

Sara Bennett - Unpatentability by Design: The Overlooked Use of Inter Partes and Post-Grant Review to Challenge Design Patents, Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society

Ken Brady - Standing in the Thicket: Reconciling Differing Standards of Justiciability in Intellectual Property Disputes, American University Intellectual Property Brief

M. Tyler Brown - College Athletics Internships: The Case for Academic Credit in College Athletics, American University Law Review

Samantha Bird - Environmental Disasters and Human Health Consequences: A Year in Review, Sustainable Development Law and Policy

John Charin - California Can Beat FHFA’s PACE: How the Reserve Fund Model Can Revive Residential PACE Loans, Administrative Law Review

Leigh Colihan - Child’s Play:  The Case Against the Department of Labor for Its Failure to Protect Children Working on America's Tobacco Farms

Charles Conway - Ordinarily Reasonable: Using the Supreme Court’s Barnett Analysis to Clarify Preferential Treatment Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law

Julia Cosans - Between Firearm Regulation and Information Censorship:  Analyzing First Amendment Concerns Facing the World's First 3-D Printed Plastic Gun, American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law

Maggie Coulter - The Minamata Convention on Mercury: Past, Present, and Future Environmental Health, Sustainable Development Law and Policy

Julie Dabrowski - The Exception that Doesn't Prove the Rule: Why Congress Should Narrow ENDA's Religious Exemption to Protect the Rights of LGBT Employees, American University Law Review

Jon Davey - Environmental Disasters and Human Health Consequences: A Year in Review, Sustainable Development Law and Policy

Gillian S. Davies - The Stormy Seas of Situs: Reevaluating the Situs Requirement of the Longshoe and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, American University Law Review

Hunter Deeley - The Expanding Reach of the Executive in Foreign Direct Investment:  How Ralls v. CFIUS Will Alter the FDI Landscape in the United States, American University Business Law Review

Samantha L. DePrimio - The Birth of Equality: EEOC Guidance Gives New Life to the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the Deference Debate, Administrative Law Review

Alexandra El-Bayeh - They Could Be Back: The Possibility of Termination Rights for Session Musicians, American University Law Review

Christa Elliott - Terror in the Press: How the U.K.’s Threatened Criminalization of The Guardian Under the Terrorism Act 2000 Would Violation Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, American University International Law Review

Kevin Ercoline - Beyond Puffery: Providing Shareholder Assurance of Societal Good Will in Crowdfunded Benefit Corporations, American University Law Review

Gregory James Evans - Regulating Data Practices: How State Laws Can Shore up the FTC’s Authority to Regulate Data Breaches, Privacy, and More, Administrative Law Review

Desiree Joy Frias - Welcome to the Beginning (play)

Lindsey Garber - Have We Learned a Lesson? The Boston Marathon Bombings and Information Sharing, Administrative Law Review

Benjamin A. Genn - What Comes Off, Comes Back to Burn:  Revenge Pornography as the Hot New Flame and How it Applies to the First Amendment and Privacy Law, American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law

Bantayehu D. Gezahegn - The International Criminal Court and the African Union: A Deadlock where Power Politics Paralyzes International Law; Ebola Outbreak in West Africa and the Extraterritorial Obligation of States to Cooperate in Responding to International Health Emergencies; and Syria Debrief: What is Next?, Human Rights Brief

Ashley E. Green - Red Touches Black:  The First Application of Maker’s Mark and Louboutin in the Context of Color Trademarks, American University Journal of Gender Social Policy and the Law

Amina Haleem - Global Health Diplomacy: Using Human Rights and Health Instruments to Support United States Foreign Policy Initiatives, Journal of International Service

Kaine J. Hampton - Trending Topic: An Effective Analysis to Use to Determine Employer Ownership of Social Media Accounts, Journal of Law, Technology, and Public Policy

At the Crossroads: The Intersection of Synchronization Licensing and Musician Advocacy, University of Denver Sports and Entertainment Law Journal

James D. Hekel, Jr. - When Big Oil Comes to a Small Town: The ExxonMobil Oil Spill in Mayflower in Context, Sustainable Development Law and Policy

Kayci Hines - An Analysis of the Federal Income Tax Issues Associated with the Residential Value of Solar Tariff, Arizona Journal of Environmental Law and Policy

J.C. Heinbockel - The Undiscovered Country: Fixing Copyright by Re-thinking Pretrial Litigation, American University Intellectual Property Brief

Breanne Hoke - My Online Me: Why Gamers Should Turn to California Right of Publicity Laws in Protecting Their Online Avatars, American University Intellectual Property Brief

John A. Howes, Jr. - A Fluid Situation: On the Role of Interstate Water Commissions in Fracking Policy, Administrative Law Review

Christian Johnson - Closing the Halliburton Loophole in New Mexico: Letting Developers Choose Between R&D Dollars and Trade Secrets, Sustainable Development Law and Policy

Rachel Johnson - How Students Became Criminals: The Similarities Between “Stop and Frisk” and School Searches and the Effect on Delinquency Rates, Boston University Public Interest Law Journal

Susan Johnson - Environmental Disasters and Human Health Consequences: A Year in Review, Sustainable Development law and Policy

Joey Kavanagh - Judicial Impartiality in Recent Civil Rights Victories:  An Analysis of the Disqualification of Judge Shira Scheindlin in Floyd v. New York City, American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law

Judson N. Kempson - Star-Crossed Lovers: The Department of Education and the Common Core, Administrative Law Review

Maliha Khan - The Supreme Court's Tightening of Patent Definiteness & the Impact of Nautilus v. Biosig on the Software Patent Industry, American University Business Law Review

Jon Kowalko III - Critical Lessons of al-Kidd:  Respecting the Dignity of Material Witnesses Through the Special Needs Doctrine, American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law

Stephanie Kurose - Requiring the Use of Tracers in Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid to Trace Alleged Contamination, Sustainable Development Law and Policy

Elizabeth Lewis - Whale Wars: Reconciling Science, Public Opinion, and the Public Display Industry Under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, Administrative Law Review

Samantha McLane - Federal Legislation to Safeguard Sexual and Reproductive Rights for Women in Mexico, Human Rights Brief

Dylan Mooney - To Pay or Not to Pay:  Interpretation of § 302 of the Labor Management Relations Act as Evidenced by Titan Tire, American University Business Law Review

Jacqueline Morley - The Unfettered Expansion of Appropriation Art Protection by the Fair Use Doctrine: Searching for Transformativeness in Cariou v. Prince and Beyond, IDEA

Sam Crockett Neel - A Realistic Forecast for U.S. Climate Action, American University Law Review

Shahrzad Noorbaloochi - The Limits of Executive Authority to Preempt Contrary State Laws in Foreign Affairs after Medellín v. Texas, American University Law Review

Robert Nothdurft, Jr. - The ‘Rhyme or Reason’ Behind Prosecutorial Use of Rap Lyrics as Evidence in Criminal Trials, Criminal Law Practitioner

Devon Ombres - The Recent History of Gerrymandering in Florida: Revitalizing Davis v. Bandemer and Florida’s Constitutional Requirements on Redistricting, Washington and Lee Journal Civil Rights and Social Justice

NSA Domestic Surveillance from the PATRIOT Act to the FREEDOM Act: The Underlying History, Seton Hall Legislative Journal

Leah Paisner - Crossing the Red Line: The Role of U.S. Intelligence Information and Evidentiary Standards in the Inspection of Syria's Chemical Weapons, Emory International Law Review

International Criminal Court: Friction Between State Cooperation and Enforcement in Kenyatta and Ruto, ILSA Quarterly

Behind the Procedural Curtain: Victim Anonymity and Witness Protection in the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, Eyes on the International Criminal Court

Dana Palombo - A Tale of Two Cities: The Regulatory Battle to Incorporate Short Term Residential Rentals into Modern Law, American University Business Law Review

Alvaro Peralta - American University Law Review

Victoria H. - The Health Consequence of Genetically Modified Organisms and Lack of Regulation: Genetically Engineered Food Linked to Rise in Autism Prevalence, Sustainable Development Law and Policy

Addison Pierce - Curbing the Exploitation of Passive Creditors in Chapter 11 Reorganization by Leveraging the Oversight Role of the United States Trustee, American University Business Law Review

Stephan Polsdofer - Pride and Prejudice: Russia’s Anti-Gay Propaganda Law Violates the European Convention on Human Rights, American University International Law Review

Kassie Richbourg - Northwestern Football Players: Unified Team or Unionized Regime? An Analysis on the Collective Bargaining Rights of Student-Athletes, DePaul Journal of Sports law and Contemporary Problems

Mary Kate Rigney - Piecemealed out of Existence: Exploring the D.C. Circuit's Improper Segmentation Analysis in Delaware Riverkeeper Network v. FERC and its Implications on United States' Domestic Natural Gas Production, American University Law Review

Gena Rinaldi - Gimme Shelter?:  Lane v. Kitzhaber and Its Impact on Integrated Employment Services for People with Disabilities, American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law

Christopher A. Rogers - A Slow March Towards Thought Crime:  How the Department of Homeland Security’s Fast Program Violates the Fourth Amendment, American University Law Review

Emma Burgess Roy - Cruelty On Your Plate: The Misadministration of the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, Mid-Atlantic Journal on Law and Public Policy

Sarah Shulman - The Criminalization of Bribery: Can the Foreign Corrupt Practices Acts Be Applicable to the Anti-Bribery Provisions of the United States Convention Against Corruption?, American University International Law Review

Mary Strayhorne - Environmental Disasters and Human Health Consequences: A Year in Review, Sustainable Development law and Policy

Joel Thayer - Lasering in on the Federal Communication Commission: Regulating Laser Communication, American University Intellectual Property Brief

Nick Thies - London Calling to the Underground: Waste Heat in Urban Morphology Is Going down the Tube, Sustainable Development Law and Policy

Katrina Tomecek - Mexican Energy Revolution: But Is It a Solution?,  Sustainable Development Law and Policy

Nancy Turner - The Young and the Restless: How the Twenty-Sixth Amendment Could Play a Role in the Current Debate over Voting Laws, American University Law Review

Ronny Valdes - The Federal Circuit’s En Banc Battle Against Itself and Business in Lighting Ballast Control, L.L.C. v. Philips Electronics North America Corp., American University Business Law Review

Tara Vassefi - An Arab Winter: Threats to the Right to Protest in Transnational Societies, Such as Post-Arab Spring Egypt, American University International Law Review

Jack Vidovich - I want to Be a Non-Producer: Copyright Non-Practicing Entities and the Group Registration Process for Photographs, Administrative Law Review

The New gTLD Program or the More Things Change, the More Things Stay the Same, American University Intellectual Property Brief

Mason Wiley - Circassian Right of Return: “Putin the Terrible or Putin the Enlightened?”, American University International Law Review

Jason M. Wilson - Litigation Finance in the Public Interest, American University Law Review

Yvonne Woldeab - “Americans: We Love You, But We Can't Afford You”: How the Costly U.S.-Canada FATCA Agreement Permits Discrimination of Americans in Violation of International Law, American University International Law Review