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March 2017

Just Security – Associate Professor Jennifer Daskal writes about the ongoing dangers of President Trump’s revised executive order on immigration. MORE

The Hill – Professor Amanda Frost elaborates on how the Courts can and should look to the context in which the new executive order on immigration was created to determine whether it is Constitutional. MORE

Christian Science Monitor – Professor Bill Yeomans discusses how Attorney General Sessions may be using political rhetoric in order to return to aggressive crime-fighting strategies. MORE

BISNOW – Hospitality and Tourism Law Director Steven Shapiro comments on how Trump’s policies may affect U.S. tourism. MORE

WJLA (D.C.) – Professor Bill Yeomans speaks about the abrupt firing of the United States Attorneys by President Trump. MORE

The Nation – Professor Herman Schwartz writes about how he believes President Trump’s immigration policies will hurt the U.S. economy. MORE

VOA –Professor Jayesh Rathod weighs in on how the government typically will not appeal the waiver of an immigration judge. MORE

Bloomberg BNA – Professor Andy Popper comments on President Trump’s replacement of independent agency leaders. MORE

SLATE – Professor Leslye Orloff explains why the U visa is important for undocumented immigrants facing abuse. MORE

Telemundo – Academy of Human Rights Professor Rodriguez-Pinzon speaks about Ivanka Trump’s possible conflict of interest in her new role at the White House. MORE

February 2017

VICE News – Professor Steve Wermiel speaks about why the Supreme Court avoided hearing some of the bigger cases this term. MORE

Politifact – Professor Jeffery Lubbers notes that President Obama’s Planned Parenthood rule was written in a neutral manner. MORE

News-Leader – Professor Steve Wermiel comments on the negative response Senator McCaskill received for her tweet following President Trump’s Supreme Court pick. MORE

U.S. News & World Report – Professor Russell Wheeler discusses whether Trump’s travel ban will reach the supreme court and other possible options. MORE

Bloomberg BNA – Associate Professor Jennifer Daskal says if Sessions continues to promote encryption backdoors, he may face backlash from both the political and private sector. MORE

Foreign Policy– Professor Rebecca Hamilton discusses how this is the optimal point for the International Criminal Court to investigate Australian officials for their alleged involvement in enabling crimes against humanity. MORE

Bloomberg Law – Professor Robert Dinerstein speaks with Bloomberg Radio about a recent Supreme Court case determining whether a disabled girl could bring her service dog to school. MORE

The Morning Call – Professor Steve Wermiel provides insight on why the Trump administration will have to set priorities when dealing with legal marijuana in states such as Pennsylvania. MORE

January 2017

Just Security – Professor Rebecca Hamilton explained why President Trump’s immigration ban is not the same as the designation of those seven countries as “countries of concern” under the Obama administration. MORE

Talking Points Memo – Professor Steve Wermiel articulated how President Trump's immigration ban is not likely to be struck down on the grounds of religious discrimination.  MORE

Solitary Watch – Professor Juan Mendez reflects on his time as the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment after 6 years in the position. MORE

The Daily Beast– Practitioner-In-Residence Sherizaan Minwalla of the International Human Rights Clinic presented her opinion on the hypocrisy of President Trump’s refugee order. MORE

Slate – Professor Jennifer Daskal explained why a recent Microsoft case shows the need for Congress to reform an email privacy law. MORE

DC Bar News– Professor David Hunter and Professor William Snape discussed how environmental regulations may change under the Trump administration. MORE

The Undefeated – Professor Jeremi Duru explained how the recent appointments of African American head coaches in the NFL indicates an important change. MORE

Bloomberg Markets – Professor Jonathan Baker provided insight on antitrust lawyer concerns of Trump’s talks with CEOs awaiting merger approvals. MORE

Christian Science Monitor – Professor Michael Carroll elaborated on how ethics and politics can blur regarding plagiarism allegations. MORE

Greenwire – Professor Dan Metcalfe commented on how Senator Sessions stalled FOIA reform, as well as the impact he is likely to have on public records law as Attorney General. MORE

New Republic – Professor Jenny Roberts discussed the profound effects marijuana arrests or convictions have on individuals, in light of the recent push for amnesty with the drug. MORE


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