AUWCL in the Media, Week of November 9

The Huffington Post – Professor Cynthia Jones explains the impact of pretrial detention on the incarceration of blacks and Latinos. Jones discusses how the dysfunctional bail process fuels the problem of prison overcrowding and mass incarceration. MORE

The New York Times – Associate Professor Lindsay Wiley weighs in on the lack of regulations to protect health data that fitness trackers collect and store. MORE

The Christian Science Monitor – Adjunct Professor Melanie Teplinsky writes about the recent fine leveled at the nation’s third-largest cable company, Cox. Teplinsky wrote that the fine should cause carriers to get serious about data security enforcement. MORE

Tech Dirt – Practitioner-in-Residence Brandon Butler recapped a recent lecture at American University Washington College of Law that featured Judge Pierre N. Leval, the author of the landmark Google Books decision. MORE