AUWCL in the Media, Week of March 2, 2015

Washington Examiner - Professor William Yeomans argues that victims of police violence have the law stacked against them. MORE.

Associated Press - Professor Daniel Metcalfe shares that Hilary Clinton’s lack of setting up a government account “undermines a commitment to preservation”. MORE

American Bar Association - Professor Jenny Roberts participated in a panel discussing the problems ex-offenders face with re-entry. MORE

CNN - Professor William Yeomans discusses Nixon's use of fear and resentment of the civil rights movement as a campaign strategy. MORE

ReelPolitik - Professor David Hunter joins others as they pen a letter asking for the release of “Island President” Mohamed Nasheed, a climate change activist. MORE

Publishers Weekly - Brandon Butler, AUWCL practitioner in residence, shares what another look at the Georgia Statue University copyright case may mean. MORE

Voice of America - Professor Michael Carroll comments on the "Blurred Lines" case. MORE