AUWCL in the Media, Year of 2016

December 2016

The Daily Beast – Professor Bill Yeomans discussed the possible changes Attorney General Sessions can potentially make to cases on voting issues. MORE

POLITICO– Professor Bill Yeomans presented commentary on the possibility of a max exodus from the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice with Sessions as Attorney General. MORE

US News & World Report — Professor Bill Yeomans explained how the new administration will need to separate politics and law enforcement in the Department of Justice. MORE

Star-Telegram – Professor Brenda Smith noted how corrections officers are rarely prosecuted while discussing how prison guards in Texas avoided the sex offender registry after having sex with inmates. MORE

New Republic – Congressman and former professor Jamie Raskin was profiled for his encouragement to dispirited Democrats. MORE

Bloomberg BNA – Professor Jennifer Daskal commented on the 9th Circuit’s decision to uphold the conviction of the individual involved in the attempted Christmas tree ceremony bombing in Oregon state. MORE

Alternet – Congressman and former professor Jamie Raskin spoke at the December House Judiciary Committee's forum entitled "The Electoral College and the Future of American Democracy." MORE

Bloomberg BNA – Professor Christine Haight Farley commented on the potential autonomy of the Copyright Office. MORE

NJTODAY.NET – Professor Keith Henderson presented a study at the World Bank on protections for whistleblowers, which is addressed in the article. MORE

US News & World Report – Professor Steve Wermiel noted how the Supreme Court appeared to be filing its docket at a slower pace, and what that means for the cases this term. MORE

LA Weekly– Professor Benjamin Leff discussed the impacts of tax code 280E on the cannabis industry. MORE


November 2016

UN News & Media – Professor Juan Mendez was appointed to be a member of the Advisory Board for the United Nations Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty. MORE

Bloomberg Law – Professor Bill Yeomans discussed what the Justice Department will look like under President-elect Trump. MORE

Just Security — Professor Rebecca Hamilton explores the possibilities of the #RemoveBannon movement. MORE

Greenwire – Professor William Snape commented on the possibility of Donald Trump Jr.  being named Secretary of the Interior. MORE

Court House News – Professor Stephen Wermiel explained why he believes the Senate majority will eliminate the filibuster for Supreme Court nominations and what that will mean. MORE

IBA News – Juan Mendez spoke about what a Trump residency means for rule of law and human rights. MORE

Boston Herald – Professor Steven Wermiel asserted his belief that Merrick Garland’s nomination will not go forward. MORE

BET Network – Professor Angela Davis was featured on the documentary “The DA vs. Black America.” MORE

UN News & Media – Dean Emeritus Claudio Grossman was elected to serve on the United Nations International Law Commission. MORE

Media Matters – Professor Binny Miller commented on how the recent FBI leaks regarding the Hillary Clinton investigations can damage the Agency’s reputation. MORE

CityLab – Professor and newly elected Congressman Jamie Raskin discussed the topic of non-citizen voting in the U.S. MORE

The Washington Post – Professor Jonathan Baker considered the legality of “price leadership” with competing drugs. MORE

Law Newz – Adjunct professor Dan Metcalfe wrote about why President Obama should not pardon Hilary Clinton under the Pardon Clause of the Constitution. MORE

The Washington Post – Professor Bill Yeomans added his viewpoint on the changes to the Department of Justice under President-elect Trump, given his experience with the Human Rights Division. MORE


October 2016

The Christian Science Monitor – Professor David Hunter commented on how Donald Trump could scuttle the US role in climate change under the Paris agreement if elected President. MORE

Bloomberg BNA – Professor Jennifer Daskal discussed the D.C. Circuit Court’s Decision to uphold the conspiracy conviction of a publicist for Osama bin Laden. MORE

The Huffington Post — Professor Paul Williams explores the ways the UN General Assembly might be able to hold the perpetrators of atrocities crimes in Syria accountable. MORE

The Christian Science Monitor – Professor Steve Wermiel presented commentary regarding Justice Breyer’s claim that the court can function accurately this fall without 9 justices. MORE

The New York Times – Professor Nancy Polikoff elaborated upon the implications of the new, expanded definition of parenthood under the recent New York State Court of Appeals decision. MORE

The Hill – Assistant Dean Tony Varona wrote about the lack of legal basis for Donald Trump’s libel lawsuit against The New York Times.  MORE

Marketplace Tech – Professor Farley spoke about the upcoming United States Supreme Court patent case of Samsung v. Apple. MORE

89.3 WFPL – Article discussing how Professor Perry Wallace helped “integrate the South” as a basketball player at Vanderbilt University during the Civil Rights Movement. MORE

COLORLINES – Professor Anita Sinha explained why combating wage theft should be a greater political priority. MORE

Bloomberg BNA – Professor Nancy D. Polikoff weighed in on the subject of LGBT rights in a recent Louisiana family law case. MORE

Bloomberg BNA – Leslye E. Orloff, Director of the National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project, discussed the potential impact of the balancing test and the need to protect women who are victims of domestic abuse and other violence after the Koch Foods employment case decision. MORE

May 2016

MSNBC – Fellow in Law & Government Bill Yeomans was on Meet the Press Daily to discuss the legal controversy around North Carolina's new bathroom law which requires transgender people to use public restrooms corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate. MORE

The New York Times – Professor Jennifer Daskal writes that the decision to go to war is too important to entrust to a single branch of government. MORE

The New York Times — Professor Christine Haight Farley explores the role of the government in the complicated relationship between the use of disparaging names as trademarks and free speech.  MORE

The National Law Journal – Associate Dean of Student Affairs David Jaffe discusses his work to help students navigate stress during the three years of law school. MORE

The Hill – Director of Adjunct Faculty Development and Fellow in Environmental Law William Snape co-authored an op-ed where he makes a point that Land and Water Conservation Fund reauthorization is a hollow victory in Senate energy bill. MORE

DipNote – U.S. Department of Staterecapped one of our spring Founders’’ conferences, "Gender Equality: Voices from the Global South," in its official blog. MORE


April 2016

Al Jazeera America Professor Steve Wermiel spoke about the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. Wermiel pointed out that Garland may have been selected because he would be seen as more confirmable by Republicans and he may be more able to 'withstand the storm' of the confirmation process. MORE

The Washington Post - Professor Stephen Vladeck discusses the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court, predicting that he would become a swing vote in the most highly publicized cases, if confirmed. MORE

USA Today - Professor David Hunter speaks about the environmental war being waged in Amazonia. About the Chevron case in the Amazon, Hunter said that Chevron has immense resources for litigation and is aware that delays work in their favor. MORE

Yahoo News - Professors Amanda Frost and Stephen Vladeck explore the constitutionality of Ted Cruz's plan for his first day in the Oval Office if he is elected president. MORE

Reuters - Professor Herman Schwartz authored an column, where he discusses Texas v. USA, at a time when eight Supreme Court justices appear closely divided in challenge to President's executive actions on immigration.

Politico Professor Dan Metcalfe spoke about the "common-defense" strategy of Hillary Clinton's aides. Metcalfe believes this strategy shows that the aides believe that they can put together a defense that is beneficial to everyone involved. MORE

The Washington Post - Professor Jennifer Daskal comments on the exceptional access to information gathering that has been given to the government in the recent years. MORE

Diverse Issues in Higher Education - Dean Designate Camille Nelson is profiled in a story that examines her interest in critical race theory. Nelson said, "I like to talk about diversity, inclusion and the third step no one is talking about, which is empowerment." MORE

New York Post - Discussing sex slaves in Southeast Asia, Professor Janie Chuang argues that although it seems like a happy ending when trafficking victims are rescued, it often is more complicated as they end up being abused by authorities in some instances. MORE

WAMU - Professor Robert Dinerstein is featured in a series that explores Forest Haven, a now-closed live-in facility that used to hold some 1,300 D.C. residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities at the peak of its 66-year old history. MORE

The National Jurist - Dean Claudio Grossman points out the importance of study abroad programs in human rights for U.S. law students. MORE