Practitioner-in-Residence Anita Sinha Talks to AP About Immigrant Labor at Private Detention Centers


AUWCL Practitioner-in-Residence Anita Sinha is featured in this Associated Press story on a lawsuit alleging immigrants were paid $1 a day for janitorial work at a private prison. Sinha, who teaches in our Immigrant Justice Clinic, has researched immigrant labor at private detention centers. In the AP article, which was published on the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, CBS News and dozens of other news websites, she points out that on a daily basis, immigrants facing deportation occupy about 34,000 beds nationally in private and government-run facilities. More than 60 percent of the beds are in privately held facilities, she said.

For more information about Sinha’s work you can read her related paper from this spring, “Slavery by Another Name: ‘Voluntary’ Immigrant Detainee Labor and the Thirteenth Amendment,” which was published in the Stanford Journal of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.