AUWCL in the Media, Week of September 28

United Nations Office at Geneva – Professor Juan Mendez is mentioned for his upcoming tour of Ghana to evaluate the operation of the criminal justice and mental health care systems. MORE

Chicago Public Radio – Professor Stephen Vladeck discusses Edward Snowden’s influence on the debate about national security issues and surveillance reform. MORE

Before It’s News – Professor Janie Chuang is quoted about the necessity of aggressive crime management to decrease sex trafficking. MORE

International Business Times – Professor Andrew Pike is referenced for his expertise in tax law, as a result of the proposed tax plans by Republican presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. MORE

Publishers Weekly – Practitioner-in-Residence Brandon Butler comments on orphan works legislation and the problems that may result from implementing it. MORE

The Post and Courier – Visiting Scholar, Julio E. Muñoz, writes about the increased interest and access to news due to the availability of mobile devices, despite the decline of traditional media. MORE

WBAL TV – Professor Stephen Vladeck is quoted about the effect of the nine justices beginning a new term on the rulings of future Supreme Court cases. MORE