AUWCL in the Media, Week of Sept. 22, 2014

Bloomberg – The Lawyer Reentry Program is mentioned in this article about the initiatives taken by law firms to help women return to practice after time away. MORE

The Champion Magazine – The article “Conflicts and Conspiracy Charges At Guantánamo” was authored by 2L Tiffany Sommadossi. MORE

CSPAN Washington Journal – Professor Steve Vladeck discusses the Obama Administration’s legal authority to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria. MORE

Epoch Times – Professor Brenda Smith’s appearance as a speaker at The Constitution Project’s Constitution Day celebration is recapped in this article. MORE

Politico – Former WTO Director Pascal Lamy spoke at AUWCL this week on the topic of “Addressing Corruption in Global Trade.” His remarks were quoted in the “Morning Trade” column. MORE

Wall Street Journal – The work of Professor Jennifer Daskal is cited in this article on the Obama administration’s explanation of the legal basis for airstrikes in Syria. MORE

Washington Post – The work of the Community and Economic Development Law Clinic is mentioned in an article about one of their clients, an urban farmer. MORE