AUWCL in the Media, Week of June 8

The Hill – Professor Stephen Vladeck comments on the possibility of Edward Snowden making a deal with the Obama – or future – administration to come back home. MORE

International Bar Association – Professor Diane Orentlicher emphasizes the importance of security features in eyeWitness, a smartphone app that enables civilians in conflict zones to capture and share verifiable footage that can be used in courts. MORE

Think Progress Professor David Hunter discusses the possible hurdles in a consortium’s of Pacific Island nations decision to sue fossil fuel companies over their role in fueling climate change. MORE

Mother Jones – Professor Stephen Vladeck comments on mandate of the USA Freedom Act to make The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court rulings more transparent. MORE

Associated Press, The Hill, The Telegraph – Professor Stephen Vladeck analyzes the holdings and implications of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruling on the use of military commissions for terrorism suspects.