AUWCL in the Media, Week of April 20

Washington Examiner - Professor Steve Vladeck believes the recidivism data used on both sides of the Gitmo debate are being misrepresented. MORE

D.C. Bar – Professor Robert Dinerstein comments on community integration and the courts at the 2015 District of Columbia Judicial and Bar Conference. MORE

Headlines & Global News – Professor William Yeomans explains that the institutional interests of the Justice Department are to protect law enforcement. MORE

The Denver Post – Professor Stephen Vladeck discusses NSA surveillance and the lack of clarity in the usage of the information gathered. MORE

Tech Dirt – Professor Sean Flynn shares insight on the Trade Promotion Authority bill and the protection it provides to sovereignty in the United States. MORE

The Progressive Pulse – “Even if citizens cannot keep executives from spending corporate money in elections, surely shareholders can stop it,” says Professor Jamie Raskin in regard to the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United. MORE

Publishers Weekly – Professor Brandon Butler comments on the ruling in the Georgia State University copyright case. MORE

The Washington Post – Professor Janie Chuang discusses the grim realities of human trafficking, recently relabeled as “modern slavery.” MORE